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Are you interested in the interesting world of Scientology? The Indie Scientology Podcast has guest interviews, Scientology wins, conspiracies, and much much more. Hosted by Andy Nolch. Available on most podcast apps & Youtube: Send in your Scientology wins! Contact email:
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Dec 2, 2017

Jonathan Burke PART 4 (AOGP) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #19

Part four and last of my series of interviews with Jonathan Burke, who is an Independent Scientology mission holder and auditor. We discuss many things.

Jonathan's website:

Nov 1, 2017

Janis Gillham Grady (Commodore's Messenger) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #20

Janis Gilliam Grady spent many hours working close with L. Ron Hubbard in the Sea Org’s founding days. She was his personal messenger and she has written a book about her experience in Scientology.

Below is link for purchase of Commodore's Messenger: A Child Adrift in the Scientology Sea Organization (Volume 1)

Link for Australians:



Oct 19, 2017

Jonathan Burke PART 3 (AOGP) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #19

PART 3. Guest interview with Independent Scientology auditor Jonathan Burke from The Advanced Organisation of the Great Plains. He tells all in this amazing interview about life and death, past and future, how the universe works and much much more. Get excited.

Jonathan's website:

WARNING: Make sure you understand the words and things(concepts) discussed in this podcast, otherwise you won't be able to follow along with it.


Oct 1, 2017

Jonathan Burke PART 2 (AOGP) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #19

This is part 2 of my interview with Independent Scientology auditor Jonathan Burke. He runs a travelling mission called The Advanced Organisation of the Great Plains. We discuss many interesting things.

Jonathan's website:

Sep 12, 2017

Jonathan Burke PART 1 (AOGP) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #19

WARNING: This interview is mind blowing.

Jonathan Burke is an OT 8 Independent Scientology auditor. He runs The Advanced Organisation Of The Great Plains. It's like a travelling mission and delivers tech up to OT 5. Jon's based in Kansas City, has been Scio for years and also hosts a podcast called Scientology Outside the Church.

The Advanced Organisation of the Great Plains website:


Sep 2, 2017
Jai Raynor (Recently Blew) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #18
Jai Raynor has left The Church of Scientology after only being involved for 5 weeks!   Find out why he blew the church.

Aug 13, 2017

Scott Gordon PART 3 (Auditor, Former DSA) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #17

The third and final interview with Independent Scientology auditor Scott Gordon, the former Director of Special affairs for the church. Many topics covered in particular the Anti-Scientology Cult (ASC) - Scott exposes the Scientology Haters.

Scott Gordon's website:


Jul 28, 2017

Scott Gordon PART 2 (Auditor, Former DSA) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #17

We discuss christianity, squirrelling, the CIA and what makes a good auditor etc.

 Scott Gordon's website:

Jun 27, 2017

Scott Gordon PART 1 (Auditor, Former DSA) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #17

Guest interview with Scott Gordon who recently leaked OSA Network Orders. He's an Independent Scientologist and is trained in intelligence ops.

Scott Gordon's website:

Jun 16, 2017

Silvia Kusada (Auditor) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #16

We discuss what life is, do we live in the Matrix?

Silvia Kusada is an OT 7 completion, studied the admin vols, done a lot of auditor training, and she is also very educated in other philosophies.  

Below is the links Silvia mentioned during the interview:


May 30, 2017

Andrew Fleisher (Rons Org) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #15

Guest interview with Independent Scientologist Andrew Fleisher. He's studied heaps of Scientology, is an Excalibur completion(solo NOTs at Ron's Org) and was declared suppressive by the church for a ridiculous reason.

Andrew Fleisher's email if you have questions about how to do Scientology courses or counselling in Australia and New Zealand:


May 5, 2017

John Watson (Possible OSA Agent) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #14

Guest interview with the Funky John Watson, an Independent Scientologist from Denmark. We discuss the church, politics and what GAT 1 was like for the Scientology public in the 90s.


Apr 17, 2017

Allen Stanfield (The Ex Ex Scio) - The Indie Scientology Podcast # 13

Guest interview with Allen Stanfield the ex ex Scientologist. Find out why he used to hate Scientology. Allen has his own blog which is full of interesting information about Scientology:


Mar 31, 2017

Mikhail Fedorov (Theta Meta) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #12

Interview with builder of the Theta-Meter Mikhail Fedorov. He's an Independent Scientologist associated with Ron's Org and he runs his own mission.


Link to buy theta meter:

Mar 13, 2017

Max Hauri (Rons Org) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #11

Guest interview with Max Hauri Commanding Officer of Ron's Org Grenchen. Max is a highly trained tech terminal, been in Scientology since the seventies and knows a lot about the tech. He runs his own successful org in Switzerland. We talk about many topics.

Link for Rons Org Grenchen Website:


Feb 18, 2017

Peter Moon (Montauk Project Author) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #10

Guest interview with Peter Moon former Sea Org member and Time Travel author.

Peter's website:

Jan 30, 2017

Ralph Hilton (Auditor) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #9

Interview with Ralph Hilton an Independent Scientology auditor.

If you'd like to buy his e-meter or get some auditing from him below is a link to his website:

Jan 6, 2017

Paul Colbourne (Skeptic) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #8

Scientology news, a great win, a great quote from L. Ron Hubbard and an interview with religious skeptic Paul Colbourne. We discuss some of the reasons why people don't like Scientology and a bit of conspiracy and paranormal talk.