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Dec 2, 2017

Jonathan Burke PART 4 (AOGP) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #19

Part four and last of my series of interviews with Jonathan Burke, who is an Independent Scientology mission holder and auditor. We discuss many things.

Jonathan's website:

Nov 1, 2017

Janis Gillham Grady (Commodore's Messenger) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #20

Janis Gilliam Grady spent many hours working close with L. Ron Hubbard in the Sea Org’s founding days. She was his personal messenger and she has written a book about her experience in Scientology.

Below is link for purchase of Commodore's...

Oct 19, 2017

Jonathan Burke PART 3 (AOGP) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #19

PART 3. Guest interview with Independent Scientology auditor Jonathan Burke from The Advanced Organisation of the Great Plains. He tells all in this amazing interview about life and death, past and future, how the universe works and much much more....

Oct 1, 2017

Jonathan Burke PART 2 (AOGP) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #19

This is part 2 of my interview with Independent Scientology auditor Jonathan Burke. He runs a travelling mission called The Advanced Organisation of the Great Plains. We discuss many interesting things.

Jonathan's website:

Sep 12, 2017

Jonathan Burke PART 1 (AOGP) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #19

WARNING: This interview is mind blowing.

Jonathan Burke is an OT 8 Independent Scientology auditor. He runs The Advanced Organisation Of The Great Plains. It's like a travelling mission and delivers tech up to OT 5. Jon's based in Kansas City, has been...