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The Andy Nolch Show is news minus the propaganda. Live Sundays at 8pm AEST on Odysee:
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Dec 5, 2020

Andy Nolch chats with Rob Dam. We discuss many deep things about Scientology, this is really mind blowing for a Scientologist. Link to buy his book:

Dec 1, 2020


There is a theory that we keep being born again and again but aliens or advanced beings wipe our memory so that we dont remember our past lives. Essentially they are trapping us here without us knowing. In this briefing I talk about this conspiracy theory and how I think its true.

Vids with prison planet...

Nov 18, 2020

Scott Gordon-Indie Scientology Podcast#65

Nov 14, 2020

2020 Update Indie Scientology Podcast#64

Andy Nolch talks about 2020, whats happened to him and the world, and why he is now half a Scientologist.

Apr 11, 2020


Sadly there is no footage inside the Tokyo Ideal Org, my glasses camera stuffed up, but there is audio recording. Theres good footage of Japan though, check it out.

The Indie Scientology Podcast is for all Free Zone Scientologists. It has closed door secret briefings, guest interviews,...