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May 23, 2018

Robert Dam (Part 1) - The Indie Scientology Podcast #25

I have a long chat with Robert Dam, a Danish man who has been involved with Scientology for a long time and who has an interesting story to tell.

Are you interested in the interesting world of Scientology?
The Indie Scientology Podcast has guest interviews,...

May 5, 2018

History Of Tegeeack PART 2 - Andy's Knowledge Report #40

This is part 2 of my reading of The History Of Tegeeack PDF. It's about the New World Order alien takeover of Earth and how the Church of Scientology was taken over by the government and Marcab aliens. It's deep, listen to part 1 before you listen to this.


May 1, 2018

History Of Tegeeack PART 1 - Andy's Knowledge Report #40

I read and comment upon the History of Tegeeack PDF. It tells of how The Church Of Scientology got taken over by the government and the truth about planet Earth. It's very interesting stuff.

Andy's Knowledge Report - Closed door briefings on secret information...