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The Indie Scientology Podcast

A podcast about the world's most controversial and interesting religion, Scientology.

Jun 18, 2018

History of Tegeeack PART 4 - Andy's Knowledge Report #40

This is my last part of reading and commentary for the History of Tegeeack(Earth) PDF. If you don't know the PDF I am talking about then go to part 1 and start listening from there. This document drops some big bombs of info about our lives, Earth and Scientology...

Jun 16, 2018

History of Tegeeack PART 3 - Andy's Knowledge Report #40

I read out-loud the History of Tegeeack(Earth) PDF document which contains hardcore truths about Earth, what has gone on here and is going on here at the moment, and great info about Scientology and aliens. I am about half way through the document so if your new...