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Mar 31, 2019

Part 8 of me reading out Captain Bill Robertson's fascinating story of his experience in the Sea Org while the government was taking it over. He was LRH's trust friend, he was the top of the top in the Sea Org, and you've gotta hear his story. I also perform some telekinesis in this vid and explain orgone energy.


Mar 23, 2019

I read out and say what I think about Captain Bill Robertson's amazing debrief. This is part 7. This is the story of what happened inside Scientology during the 70s and early 80s as LRH's church was being taken over secretly by the government.

If you'd like to read the debrief yourself then click...

Mar 21, 2019

This is part one of my interview with super indie auditor Trey Lotz. Based in LA he has been auditing people more than full time for 50 years! We discuss a lot of stuff. Check out his websites below: is part one of my interview...

Mar 11, 2019

Guess what RTC has done to the Student Hat?
In this video I lay out exactly what the SP's have done to The Student Hat Course, and pretty much what they have done to everything else with the Golden Age of Tech Phase 2 release.

If you would like to study the correct, unaltered Student Hat online then click the link...

Mar 5, 2019

This episode is a little bit different, not much Scientology is discussed, Matty Rose is a right wing Youtuber, we discuss outrageously politically incorrect stuff. I hope you like it, prepared to have your mind blown.

Matty's Youtube channel:

Are you interested in the interesting...